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Real-World Self Defense & Martial Arts Jacksonville, FL

4-16-13 - Self Defense Tips for Women

Are you looking to learn real world martial arts and self defense? I mean self defense that can save your life!

self defense in jacksonville fl is important

Based on techniques from Aiki Jiujitsu, Chen Pan Ling's Taichi and Hsing-I, I will teach you how to properly defend yourself from the most common, real-world attacks while at the same time teaching YOU to take control and fight back.

My program is a fastrack self defense and martial arts program that trains you for attacks such as chokes, hay-makers, weapons attacks and more. You will learn how to strike properly, the correct responses for when you are grabbed and most importantly, when to act so that you don't become a victim!

As you are well aware the world has become increasingly more violent, heck just watch the news! Wouldn't it be nice to be prepared?-to have a plan?

If someone grabbed you as you were getting into your car, what would you do? If you were grabbed violently by the throat and pushed into a corner, what would you do? Do you have a plan?

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