self defense in jacksonville florida

Looking for Self Defense in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida can be a great place to live. There are some really nice restaurants, the beach. Great areas of town to hang out in like San Marco and Riverside. There are also some great events, plenty of music.—And the city is just a few minutes away from historic St. Augustine. (One of my favorites!)

Jacksonville Florida's Crime Rate

Now, not to be Mr. Negative here, but in my 4 years of living in this town and teaching self-defense on the side, I've learned from watching the news and from testimonies of those in my classes that Jacksonville can be a VERY dangerous place.—And it's backed by statistics!

Did you know that Jacksonville has by far a higher crime rate than surrounding areas like Green Cove, Fernandina Beach, St. Mary's and Neptune Beach? In 2013 Jacksonville, Florida's murder rate was more than double the U.S. average and the same figures apply for rape.—More than double! This isn't exactly good news! As a matter of fact, it's horrible news.—And scary too. So what can you do?—Well...

Do You Have a Self Defense Plan?

You should always have a plan. A plan for being attacked in a parking lot, a plan for being attacked while getting out of your car, a plan for being attacked while with your children, while with your wife and many other scenarios. You need to think about these types of situations and ask yourself if you have a plan.

Self Defense in Jacksonville Florida

There are many forms of self-defense as we all know. There are stun guns, pepper sprays, knives and of course, the ultimate weapon, guns! Personally I recommend guns and getting your concealed weapons permit for Jacksonville, Florida residents.—But I also recommend taking a safety class and knowing your weapon! This is very important!

Other types of self-defense include of course traditional martial arts, MMA, boxing and the list goes on.

Do You Have Time to Train in MMA? Do You Want to Train in MMA?

These days however, many martial arts schools in Jacksonville, FL (and others) focus on teaching MMA.—Which is great for some, and definitely a well-respected form of martial arts. But MMA is not always practical when you are grabbed from behind with a bag of groceries, when someone pulls a knife or gun on you.—Or if you are a small female who is attacked while getting out of her car.

The martial arts schools here in Jacksonville can be great for those looking to excel in MMA, but they can also be very intimidating for those just wanting to learn self-defense for protecting themselves and their families.—And even if someone does find a decent school to learn self-defense, not everyone has the time or the schedule that will allow them to train at the specified times. Heck, let's face it, people work, go to church, have kids... and the list goes on!

A Practical Self-Defense Option for Jacksonville Florida

The good news is, you don't have to go to a MMA sweatshop and train for hours a day on a schedule that only allows you to make 2 or 3 classes a month while you are paying for the entire month. So what is the solution? Well, it's kinda' a no-brainer! Learn at home when YOU have time.—And learn from a legit, professional BADASS! Not just some dude that put something together and said, "Hey, I think this will work!"—But learn from someone who is experienced in self-defense and martial arts. Someone who can teach you the skills to protect yourself and your family in a potentially life-threatening situation. You don't be the victim! Make the perpetrator the victim!