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self defense in jacksonville florida
self defense in jacksonville florida

Self Defense in Jackonsville Florida

Scenario: The Grocery Store Parking Lot

Okay, so here's the scenario. You pull up to the grocery store one night somewhere here in Jacksonville Florida. You're not in exactly the worst part of town, but as that old 80's song goes, "The freaks come out at night!" And tonight, the freaks are out. Unfortunately though, your self-awareness isn't exactly functioning correctly or you would have noticed the two BIG dudes hanging outside the front of the store BEFORE you stepped out of your car.

As you get out of your car and are heading towards the entrance of the store, that's when you spot these two "questionable" individuals. I mean, who knows, maybe they are simply boy scouts... drinking... cussing... maybe? Okay maybe not.

A Fight? Really?

As you get a little closer to where they are, they start staring at you and laughing (definitely at you). And then the next thing you know, one of the big dudes is coming your way and then... BAM! He's in your face "trash talking". By this time, your heart is beating out of your chest and finally you are definitely self-aware.

This dude is now trying to escalate the situation into a fight. However, make no mistake about it. At this point, you are actually in a fight. It may not be physical yet, but based on how you respond during the next few critical minutes will determine if this situation will become a physical fight or not.

What is Your Self Defense Plan?

So what are you going to do? Are you going to punch this guy in the jaw and hope he drops like a sack of dirt in the parking lot at the Jacksonville grocery store? Wait, first, have you even taken one class of self defense in Jacksonville Florida? Maybe you can just simply say, "Hey man, I can't do this. Let's just be cool." Is his friend going to want to come join in on the fun of beating you down if his buddy starts pounding you? (Well of course.) Are you going to try some UFC move you saw on TV the other weekend? More importantly, do these guys have weapons? Yes, these are all huge questions, but that's just the reality of street fights. There are so many variables&mdqash;and you need a plan for situations just like this one to defend yourself and those you care about.

For this situation or any situation that can potentially turn into violence, your first line of self defense is going to be verbal defense. Because basically, two things are going to happen here. Either you are going to walk away from a fight or you are going to have to pre-emptively destroy this guy with a disabling attack... Huge or not! And you need to be trained on how to verbally diffuse and on how to physically destroy.

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self defense in jacksonville florida

I Like Jacksonville, FL... I Really Do

I like Jacksonville, Florida. It can really be a great place to live. There are some really nice restaurants, the beach. Great areas of town to hang out in like San Marco and Riverside. There are also some great events, plenty of music—and the city is just a few minutes away from historic St. Augustine. (One of my favorites!) However, like many places in this country, you always have to pay attention and be prepared. Which leads me to where you can learn self defense in Jacksonville Florida.

The Jacksonville Florida Crime Rate... Make That a Double

Now, not to be Mr. Negative here, but in my 4 years of living in Jacksonville and teaching a few self defense classes in Jacksonville Florida on the side, I've learned from my students and from the news, that Jacksonville can be a VERY dangerous place—and it's backed by statistics.

Did you know that Jacksonville has by far a higher crime rate than surrounding areas like Green Cove, Fernandina Beach, St. Mary's and Neptune Beach? In 2013, Jacksonville, Florida's murder rate was more than double the U.S. average and the same goes for rape—More than double! This isn't exactly good news. As a matter of fact, it's horrible news—and scary too. So what can you do? Well, obviously you can and need to have a self defense plan for the many different scenarios that can happen in real-world, everyday life. But what is your plan? Do you have one?

Time for Self Defense in Jacksonville Florida or is it?

Taking self defense in Jacksonville Florida can be a great option for learning how to defend yourself in a potentially violent situation. There are many good schools in the area and a lot of talented people teaching at those schools. However, you don't have to physically go to any dojo or training gym to learn life-saving, brutal self defense techniques to annihilate an attacker. You can still learn from one of the best instructors (BAD DUDE!) in the business, from home... And I'm going to give you 7 reasons why learning self defense in Jacksonville Florida at home is better than training at a local school.

self defense in jacksonville

1. Drive 2 Hours, Train 1 Hour

Commuting. This alone can be extremely frustrating, time-consuming and expensive in Jacksonville or any other city. Especially during the week when the clock hits 5. Think about it, you get off of work, have to go get the kids, drop them off somewhere and then rush to your class. How much time are you going to spend on the road there and back? Oh yeah, and what about dinner for the kids?

2. Um, What is This Rash?

Yeah. Sounds gross, and it is. I'm not trying to play on the fear factor here. Most of the training gyms I've been to in this town are very clean. However, I've been to some that are kinda' dirty. I mean after I left I was grabbing for the phone to call the CDC. Dirty training gyms make for the perfect breeding ground for all types of germs and nastiness. And actually, one of my buddies did pick up some nastiness from rolling around on some dirty mats a while back. Cut down on potential nastiness exposure, train at home.

3. Ouch! My Liver!... And Back!... And Hip!

Many of us, wait... all of us want to train safely and not get hurt while training. Also, many people simply want to learn self defense and not train to be a cage fighter. People have to work, take care of kids... walk... use their arms. Having said that, when you are learning self defense in Jacksonville Florida, or anywhere for that matter, you just never know who you might be training with. You may train with someone who is much more advanced, someone who gets a little reckless, and someone who has no control when it comes to techniques... OR SOMEONE WHO BREAKS YOUR ARM! Training from home makes for a much safer environment and reduces the risk of injury. Also, you can train with your wife, family, girlfriend, friend.

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4. Can We Just Run Over That Another 20 Times or So?

If you have been to any class for self defense in Jacksonville Florida, you may have noticed this one. Classes often run at the speed of the slowest person in the class. Which in some cases can be at sloth speed. If Billy needs to go over a technique 20 more times, well then the whole class is going over a technique 20 more times. - And don't get me wrong, repetition is great when learning self defense, but sometimes it can just get ridiculous. And heck, maybe you are just like ol' Billy and need those extra repetitions yourself, and that's perfectly fine. It's also one more reason why training at home at your own pace may be a good option. Want to go through a technique again? Just watch the video a second time... or third. Heck, you can even have Billy over.

self defense in jacksonville florida

5. You Mean I Can Protect Myself with Bologna?

I remember as a kid in my first Karate class, the teacher took us all into a class room and turned out all of the lights. To make it worse this cat was blindfolded. His partner and he then started fighting in the dark or something ridiculous like that. He was literally trying to ninja this guy... in the dark... with a blindfold on. To make it worse, he was trying to actually teach us to do the same thing. Are you kidding me? This is self defense? No buddy, this is crap that gets you killed in a street fight! My point? You need to learn real-world, real-deal self defense that works! And I'm going to hook you up with just the perfect guy for the job. You do NOT need to learn Kung-Fu Theater stuff that will get you a first-class beat down from a low-class street thug. Now, I'm definitely not saying that every place you go to learn self defense in Jacksonville Florida teaches bologna, definitely not. But the techniques you learn have to battle-tested and legit. Agree?

6. $20,000 for My Black Belt?

Yeah. I know, it's probably not $20,000 for your black belt, but self defense training is going to cost you some major cashola if you want to be any good. Think about all of the expenses. The cost of the classes. The cost of the uniform. The cost of gas. Babysitting for kids... Injury expenses if you train with the big Tapout guy? No seriously, training can be very expensive. - But the option I'm going to tell you about is much more affordable.

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7. Nick at Code Red Defense

THIS is your answer... And not to sound like a car commercial, but why pay loads of money to waste time traveling, buying uniforms, risking injury, etc. etc. to learn self defense in Jacksonville Florida when you can train right at home with one bad dude... My buddy Nick.

So who is Nick anyway? Nick Drossos has trained in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Reality Based Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), boxing and kickboxing. He has worked on the Montreal night life scene as security for over 7 friggin' years and he has been a bodyguard for high profile clients.

Nick will teach you real-world self defense for real-life scenarios. He's not going to train you to fight in the dark, to scale walls, to fly through the air or to be a cage fighter. Nick is going to load you down with practical knowledge and techniques for handling specific situations. From verbal defense, to ground fighting to defending against the most common attacks... Nick will teach it to you at home in a series of videos.

Face it, Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful place, but it can also be dangerous. Get instant access to Code Red and start learning from Nick.

Click below do get instant access to Nick and his real-world self-defense training.
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