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jacksonville florida self defense classes
jacksonville florida self defense classes

Jacksonville Florida Self Defense Classes: Why you should be in one.

Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to live and to play. However, it can be a pretty dangerous place as many of us who live here know. If you don't know (Which I highly doubt.), come out from under the rock and turn on the radio tomorrow morning.

It kind of stinks that such a nice town has to have such a nasty criminal element. Heck, Jacksonville's murder rate is more than double the national average and the same goes for the rape in this town. So I don't know about you, but these are two very good reasons to consider some Jacksonville Florida self defense classes. - And although you could sign up for self defense classes in Jacksonville, how about taking them from home online? (Yep, I said from home.)

I know, you are probably thinking how the heck could that actually work and be worth anything? Well... Below I'll give you 6 reasons why learning self defense in Jacksonville, Florida from home (via streaming video) can be better than ever having to step foot into a dojo. - And you'll be learning from a TOTAL pro.

jacksonville florida self defense classes that work

You Don't Want or Need to Be an MMA Fighter

A lot of Jacksonville Florida self defense classes around town want to train people to be MMA fighters. Make no mistake about it, MMA is an awesome sport and can be used as self defense in some cases. However, the sport part has rules, street fights do not. Also MMA trains with the "Ready? Set? Go!" mentality. But in real life, most attacks will never happen like this. Most attacks are going to surprise you and/or be very specific to the situation. For example, as you are getting out of your car someone is immediately on you and in your face. - Or as you are coming out of the grocery store someone violently grabs you. Everything and anything goes in a street attack. Again, there are absolutely no rules! Your attacker may have a weapon. He may have friends. He may have a gun. So for the real world you need to know more than just how to physically fight by kicking, punching, choking etc. You need to know how to avoid and diffuse fights with verbal self defense and then you also need to know pre-emptive strikes that brutally disable attackers quickly (among other things).

Jacksonville Florida Self Defense Classes: In Your Own Time

Everyone can relate to this one. Heck, you are probably reading this from work right now or at home taking care of kids... And if you are doing any of these two things, then time is very valuable for you and you may not have a ton of it for yourself. Having said that, you may not have loads of time to drive all over town to your self defense classes either. Oh, and don't forget those kids. You are going to have to leave them at grandma's house or with the babysitter (money) or somewhere. (Please don't leave them in the car okay? That's cruel and illegal!) So anyway, with learning to give an attacker a severe beat down from home, you are going to save both time and money. - And heck, train the kids too if you want.

You Don't Want to Pay for a Ninja Suit

I want to play in a ninja suit, definitely, who doesn't? But I don't want to pay for a ninja suit. Okay, I'm not really talking about paying for a ninja suit here... Unless you are going to actual ninja school. I simply mean, if you sign up for regular Jacksonville Florida self defense classes, you are probably going to have to invest in training gear like a uniform or "gi". Yep, turns out they're not free. Anyway, training at home with the program I am going to tell you about requires no gi.

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You Want to Be Able to Learn Self Defense in Just Your Underwear

I don't think there are any Jacksonville Florida self defense classes that allow this one... And I think this is what sold me on learning self defense from home... Training in my underwear. Wow, that's just a scary and ridiculous thought. Anyway, I thought I'd add it as a great benefit to training at home. Heck, there's no-gi BJJ, why can't there be no-pants self defense? Think about it.

You Don't Want to Cover Yourself in Germs While Training in Your Self Defense Classes

This one will wake you up. My buddy used to train a good bit. Then one day I found out he got some nasty rash on his face from dirty mats at some school he trained at in town. Now, I'm not saying that all places are dirty and you should be terrified you are going to catch Ebola or something. I'm just saying it is something to think about. Jacksonville Florida Self defense classes that are taught in unclean training facilities can be breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty things that can interfere with people staying healthy.

You Want to Learn Real-World, Brutal Self Defense Techniques

And of course, you want to learn real-world, brutal self defense tactics to annihilate your attackers. You don't want to learn unrealistic catching bullets type of stuff. You want to be trained for specific situations and be taught how to respond. - And with my buddy Nick and Code Red Defense, you are going to learn self defense for the most common attacks and then some. From verbal defense to diffuse a situation, to ground fighting, to multiple attackers and the list goes on. You'll also learn what you should not do in a street fight as well. There are many techniques taught in some schools that can actually get you killed in the real-world (catching bullets). Getting killed sucks. Don't get killed.

jacksonville florida self defense

So Who is Nick?

Well, Nick is a bona fide bad dude. He's trained in boxing, kick boxing, Taekwondo, reality based self defense and has been a bouncer for popular night clubs in Montreal. He also has been a bodyguard for many high profile clients.

What you will really like about Nick is his approach to practical self defense. Nick's not concerned with teaching you fancy kicks, how to fly through mid-air or how to climb walls like some of the Jacksonville Florida self defense classes. Nick teaches you common sense, self defense tactics that work. From how to think and how to act if necessary—and all of his stuff is completely battle-tested!

I highly suggest you check out Nick at Code Red Defense by going here or by clicking the button below. He'll hook you up with a free training video. Imagine having confidence in knowing that you have the knowledge to protect yourself and those you love in a bad situation.

Face it, Jacksonville is dangerous... Get instant access to self defense techniques that could save your life.

Click below do get instant access to Nick and his real-world self-defense training.
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