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Jacksonville FL Crime Statistics: One More Reason to Learn Self Defense!

It really is sad, but it's just a nasty fact about life, society has become more and more violent. These days you can't just assume that the man stopping his car to help you change a flat tire is trustworthy and/or safe. Today we have to be more aware of our surroundings and the people in our surroundings. Some of us don't just have ourselves to protect, but children and significant others and family members to also take into consideration.

Some forms of self defense are as simple as keeping your doors locked at home, not walking through the parking lot late at night alone, not walking around on your cell phone totally out of touch with what is going on around you. There are also of course other types of self defense that most people normally associate with the term, "self defense". This is actually disarming an attacker, submitting an attacker or restraining an attacker; ending the attack and most importantly, getting to safety!

Did you know that the violent crime rate for Jacksonville, FL in 2009 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 94.67%? (No, that is not a type-o!) Assault was the number one crime with 4,096 for the year. Total violent crime for 2009 was 6,772 and in 2012 the forecasted number of assaults is expected to reach 3,800 with assaults still being listed as the number one violent crime! And get this, total violent crime for 2012 is estimated to reach 7,074. This includes 2,997 robberies, 128 murders (and manslaughter) and 150 forcible rapes in addition to the 3,800 assaults. So what can you do about this, become a crime-fighter at night?--Call in Batman? The A-team? Unfortunately that isn't going to happen, which stinks because I really do like Batman--and Mr. T!

In all seriousness what you need is a plan and a set of rules to live by. For example, when you are at home during the day, no matter what time of day, lock your doors! Many people assume because it is daytime, or because they know their neighbors or because they live in a nice neighborhood they are safe. People, think like a criminal! If you wanted some "nice things", which house would you choose to break into, a middle class families house or the some college kid's dorm?

Women, stop running alone at night and even worse, stop running alone at night with your iPods turned up so loud you hear nothing around you! When you do this, you are increasing your chances of becoming a victim! These are just a few of the things you can do to keep you and your family safe. This is prevention, the next part is the actual situation, assessing and knowing when you have no other choice but to act and act fast! For this you need further training in hands-on self defense, you need a plan! A plan for the man that grabs you by the hair as you try and get into your car, a plan for the man that puts you in a choke hold, a plan for the man that grabs you by the throat.

Let me teach you real-world, practical self defense and martial arts for some of the most common attacks!

Questions? Please contact me!

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